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by Cathal
03 Jun 2019, 21:07
Forum: Planning/Development
Topic: Hearse Road Closure
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Re: Hearse Road Closure

6months is very optimistic, beaverstown road was a joke and they’ve dug it up at least 10times since, at least the recent repairs were done correctly and sealed up properly
by Cathal
20 May 2019, 20:14
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Increased Garda presence in Donabate recently?
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Re: Increased Garda presence in Donabate recently?

dearg11 wrote:
15 May 2019, 13:38
Yeah it's great isn't it ,and they're even fixing the Aleppo style potholes at the end of Turvey Avenue at the moment....
The Garda are fixing potholes, that’s great, I never seen them do that before
by Cathal
30 Apr 2019, 08:59
Forum: Services Offered/Wanted
Topic: Leaking Roof
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Re: Leaking Roof

Did you find anyone to look at your roof, we've a couple of loose tiles and holes in the flashing that could do with looking at, it's been on the long finger, hoping I found someone local
by Cathal
10 Jan 2019, 11:02
Forum: Supporting Proper Development In Donabate (SPDD)
Topic: Widening of road at bridge
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Re: Widening of road at bridge

That Island is so dangerous, I don't know what they were thinking, I'm glad there hasn't been ice on the roads yet this winter as it's an accident waiting to happen
by Cathal
26 May 2018, 13:29
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Trees on Beaverstown Road
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Re: Trees on Beaverstown Road

Defcom, any update on this? I walked by this evening and I see some sort of grease or oil applied to trunks of remaining trees. Nice touch if the culprit were to do community service on upkeep of green areas in Donabate.. I saw that oil stuff too but also whoever sprayed that on also sprayed Paul o...
by Cathal
26 May 2018, 10:58
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Supervalu
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Re: Supervalu

My main gripe is the off-licence tbh. Awful selection of craft beers but just enough low cost offers to prevent a decent off-licence from operating out of one of the other retail units in the village. Dreadful off license, whenever they get a decent beer in it sells out in a day and they don’t repl...
by Cathal
26 Sep 2017, 08:51
Forum: Services Offered/Wanted
Topic: Local Roofer
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Local Roofer

Is anyone local a roofer, I'm looking for someone to take a look at a couple of loose tiles causing a leak where a tile batten snapped, there was a temporary job done on it by myself just to tide me over the last year but I think It needs to be stripped back and looked at before the winter kicks in,...