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by Peter V
03 Jan 2019, 00:18
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Topic: New By Laws protest
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Re: New By Laws protest

Sorry to say I have to agree with bye-laws on controlling dogs. Quite a few run ins with dog owners letting their dogs fall behind them and playing dumb to the inevitable in NB House. Also I have two family members who are scared of dogs because of past attacks and it ruins their peace of mind to ha...
by Peter V
22 Dec 2018, 12:07
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Burning banks
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Burning banks

Disgusting act of stupidity in Swords with the KBC bank being firebombed. There is a real cost to irresponsible populist politics. Interesting article quoting Brendan Burgess in IT might be relevant. Defaulters ‘cost other mortgage holders €250 a month’