Pasta Castellos

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Pasta Castellos

Post by Spider » 01 Jun 2013, 16:36

Just a quick post to say that we were here yesterday for my son's Confirmation meal and we were delighted with both the food and the service. We've been here many times before and were happy enough but yesterday the quality of the food and the efficiency of the staff was excellent. Thanks to all at Pasta Castello for a lovely day.

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Re: Pasta Castellos

Post by Derek » 01 Jun 2013, 19:21

I second that too! We had our son's Communion afters there recently and the quality and value of what we were served were absolutely top notch. Only regret I have is that I didn't post similar myself before to give Murat and the crew a pat on the back for an excellent job well done. :D

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Re: Pasta Castellos

Post by Sydney » 03 Jun 2013, 13:19

I'll third that . I think it's important that we support local restaurants. Murat has a lovely place that so many people enjoy but if we don't use it, we could lose it!

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Re: Pasta Castellos

Post by Vlad the Impaler » 06 Jun 2013, 14:40

I think he should simplify things and turn it into a good steakhouse; get a reputation for good nicely cooked cuts of beef. Too much pasta and too much on the menu methinks (cutting back on the carbs!).

Having said that, I enjoy the place and the service is always great and very reasonably priced.

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