Widening of road at bridge

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Widening of road at bridge

Postby SPDD » 05 Dec 2018, 18:43

SPDD Press statement
Outrage has been expressed by a leading community group in Donabate over the latest set-back in efforts to improve infrastructure in the area.

Supporting Proper Development in Donabate (SPDD) has repeatedly highlighted the chronic infrastructure deficits on the peninsula, which is exacerbated by a surge in construction.

A desperately-needed widening of the road leading into Donabate is now set to be delayed.

The widening of the narrow road was a condition attached to the grant of planning permission for the building of the National Forensic Mental Hospital in Portrane, a €160m project.

Fingal County Council received funding for the works from the HSE.
Planning permission for the forensic mental hospital was granted as far back as the summer of 2015.

Work had started on the narrow road near the railway bridge, but recently the contractor had ceased works.

Residents had been assured that a contractual issue that arose had been rectified and the works would be completed by March.

But it has now emerged that Fingal County Council has terminated the contract for the project with Tilbury Construction Ltd.

The council intends to re-tender for it, with works on the site not now due to restart until the first few months of next year.

A spokesperson for SPDD said the traffic situation for residents on the peninsula was intolerable, with long tailbacks now a regular feature at rush hours.

The problem is being made worse by other road works being carried out in Donabate at the moment.

The spokesperson said: “Residents are furious about this latest failure to widen the road near the railway bridge. It is unacceptable that the area is under such strain from inadequate infrastructure at a time when Fingal County Council is granting planning permissions for so many construction projects.

“It is not reasonable or fair that the area’s residents should have to suffer like this. SPDD is demanding higher standards from Fingal County Council.”

SPDD said that given that permission for the Portrane hospital was granted three years ago, it is not acceptable that it is taking this long to complete the works.

SPDD also called for a full investigation into the latest problem with the project.
SPDD recognises the need for housing and wishes for development in Donabate to be carried out in a sustainable way that enhances and reflects the needs of a growing community. @SPDD17
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Re: Widening of road at bridge

Postby Seamus » 05 Dec 2018, 18:56

This is a disgrace. It's time to march on County Hall and demand some accountability.
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Re: Widening of road at bridge

Postby Spider » 05 Dec 2018, 21:08

I agree Seamus, it's turned into a farce at this stage.
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Re: Widening of road at bridge

Postby aoifey » 06 Dec 2018, 11:08

i just want to say a huge thank you to Donabate Portrane Community Council and SPDD for looking out for the future of this town of ours.

in a time when we have 2 councillors representing Donabate for the first time, we are in a worse position than ever as a town. So we have to turn to groups like the above mentioned, who don't have an agenda as they are simply people like you and I who just want the best for the future of this area.

This road widening is a complete shambles. Did I read somewhere when the contract was initially awarded many moons ago that there was a question mark over the company? If so, why was it awarded in the first place? Are we going to need yet another tribunal? I really don't think we as a community should let Fingal Co Co away with this. A full investigation needs to be done. This is about 100 metres of road. We as a community could build it ourselves in a week if we were provided with the equipment and materials. Realistically I don't think a new contract is going to be awarded/work started until at the very least the second half of next year. Why are FCC dragging their heels on putting out a new tender until the New Year? Just put the damn thing up on etenders and get the ball rolling.

Every damn road in this town now has major problems. Driving up the Beaverstown road the other day for the first time in a while and I feel sorry for those that have to drive it every day. It's covered in potholes and works.

I feel our politicians need to be more forceful in their dealings with the Council and stop trying to be all nicey nicey and diplomatic.

So, again I just want to say thank you. I will offer my support when and where I can.
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Re: Widening of road at bridge

Postby Vlad the Impaler » 06 Dec 2018, 11:17

Well said aoifey. Accountability is non existent. Complete lack of transparency on how and why this tender went awry.

The hexagonal Seabees on Portrane beach are clearly designed to be installed together seemlessley, but they were just dumped on the beach.

The road widening was allowed to proceed while there were question marks over the contractor.

Could the local councillors please advise who is responsible for governance in the council and what consequences they will face?
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Re: Widening of road at bridge

Postby pat mustard » 07 Dec 2018, 11:35

They need to repaint the white line down the middle of the road on bridge approach at least for now, since its even narrower than it was. White Line Straddlers having a field day lazily drifting across the lane and acting all doh when you flash them.
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