Forum Upgrade Completed

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Forum Upgrade Completed

Post by Ken » 01 Jan 2019, 12:22


The forum upgrade has been completed. A summary of changes is as follows:
  • Forum software has been updated to latest version.
  • A new style has been added. Please note that the mobile style no longer exists as styles in the newer versions are optimised for all device types. We realise that some were having issues where the previous mobile style was not showing the latest posts. This was most likely due to outdated forum software.
  • New anti-spam measures. Although not a huge problem (AnnO does a great job!), this will hopefully reduce the amount of spam on the forum.
  • New digest functionality - an email will be sent to all users on Mondays with a summary of recent forum activity. Bear with us on this one as it will require tweaking.
If you have any feedback or suggestions, please let us know.


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Re: Forum Upgrade Completed

Post by JohnPaulTheTenth » 01 Jan 2019, 13:09

Looks great. Thanks.
Yours Sincerely, JPX

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