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Commuting to Donabate

Postby Nicholasjacarey » 12 Aug 2017, 12:04

Hey guys, having trouble finding a room to rent in Donabate for work, if all came to all which would be the best surrounding area to live in, in terms of accessibility - I'd need to be able to be there at 7 am and would work some nights until 11.

I've had different opinions and advice such as - swords putting me in line of the 33b - The flip side of that is I've been advised to live on the opposite side of Donabate - i.e. Balbriggan and use the rail service and come in to Donabate instead of say living In malahide and trying to go out to Donabate in the mornings.

My head is a bit fried as I live in Rathmines and that's quite a commute five days a week - would really appreciate the advice of locals who may possibly have had similar situations, thank you!
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Re: Commuting to Donabate

Postby Derek » 12 Aug 2017, 13:16

I think you need to look very closely at the respective timetables for bus and rail.

The first 33b from Swords leaves at 6:50 am and will just about get you to Donabate for 7am, and the last bus leaves Portrane at 11pm so should be ok for your latest finish. That takes ~10 minutes to get from Portrane to Donabate village.

Likewise look at the first trains into and last trains leaving Donabate in both directions. Again the times of these may not suit you, particularly if you opt to commute from south of Donabate.

Perhaps you might consider contacting local estate agents in the village to see if they can assist in securing you accommodation, and also perhaps putting something on the notice board in the SuperValue. There's a Donabate Facebook page and again you consider putting a post on that.
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Re: Commuting to Donabate

Postby Ste123 » 12 Aug 2017, 15:17

You've probably read that the 33b will be taken over by private operator from start of next year so service schedule may well change. Balbriggan is not a bad option if you are somewhere central - Skerries and Malahide you'll probably have as hard a time finding something as in Donabate but they are nice towns and an easy commute
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Re: Commuting to Donabate

Postby HollieBG » 13 Aug 2017, 07:03

Have you considered renting a room in a family home for the 5 days per week?
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Re: Commuting to Donabate

Postby Nicholasjacarey » 13 Aug 2017, 09:40

Thanks so much for the feedback!

@Hollie - that is what I'm hoping for but five days would be no good to me as I'm currently renting alone where I am in Dublin and I imagine my five days would be changeable as required.
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