Semple Woods new development

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Re: Semple Woods new development

Post by kingfisher » 16 Sep 2019, 15:31

The site lacks safe pedestrian access to Donabate town and rail station. The current footpath between Donabate town and Semple Woods ends abruptly by the filling station. Residents are forced to walk on the main road. Hearse road is very narrow and speeds limit is 80km per hour.

Public statement from Corina Johnston about this mater is below:

Serious safety concerns must be urgently addressed - Johnston
Corina Johnston Labour Party Local Area Representative for Donabate and Portrane is calling on Fingal County Council and Glenveagh Properties to urgently address serious safety concerns arising from breaches of planning conditions associated with the Semple Woods Development on the Hearse Road.

Johnston said “The Donabate Local Area Plan states that prior to any units being sold or occupied in the Corballis West Development a continuous footpath connecting the Hearse Road development to the village shall be provided. Despite residents moving into the development in recent weeks the continuous footpath and toucan crossing, which also forms part of the planning permission, has not been completed.

Residents are obliged to walk to and from the village and the train station without the footpath and toucan crossing. This is a serious safety issue and is totally unacceptable. Residents are extremely concerned for their safety when walking along this road and demand action by the council. The safety of residents must be a priority.”

Johnston said “Fingal County Council have informed me that there is an on-going planning enforcement case on this matter and a Warning Letter has been issued to the owner of the lands. This is totally inadequate. Fingal County Council must now instruct the developer to commence these works immediately to ensure the safety of residents in accordance with the planning conditions. This work should be carried out during the night as the Hearse Road is currently closed at night to facilitate other infrastructural works. This is an ideal opportunity for the developer to complete these works with minimal disruption to the wider community”

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Re: Semple Woods new development

Post by Fr Jack » 19 Sep 2019, 15:30

Fingal Co Co have turned a blind eye to a lot of Glenveaghs activities since that development was started in May 2018.

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Re: Semple Woods new development

Post by TommyP » 19 Sep 2019, 16:04

Good to see Corina getting active

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Re: Semple Woods new development

Post by Nemo » 23 May 2020, 23:36

Hi everyone. My partner and I are considering buying in Semple Woods. We would love to hear thoughts from anyone who purchased in the first phase as to how they are finding it. Is it a nice area and community? Are there any issues we should expect? Thank you.

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