Dirt Bike/Scrambler driving through estates

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Dirt Bike/Scrambler driving through estates

Post by aoifey » 10 Aug 2019, 14:45

last few days there has been a young lad driving through Somerton and ive seen him go into cois inbhir and back into Somerton on one of these bikes. given his age im assuming he is neither licenced, taxed nor insured, meaning he is illegally driving through these estates and onto a path to get betwen the two estates. He has been approached by a few people and asked/told to stop as there are countless kids out playing in the estates and this guy is driving erratically and fast. At this stage if anyone sees him out on the bike I would encourage you to phone the guards directly and report as if he continues in this manner its only a matter of time before a child get injured. I believe the guards have the power to seize the bike.

why a parent allows their child to not only put his life in danger but other peoples lives in danger is completely beyond me.
i'm not being hysterical over this by the way, i have seen him 'driving' and its an accident waiting to happen. Besides the fact that it's illegal either way.

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Re: Dirt Bike/Scrambler driving through estates

Post by Summersunshine » 10 Aug 2019, 21:53

I agree, no place for that in estates

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Re: Dirt Bike/Scrambler driving through estates

Post by Lavidolas » 12 Aug 2019, 15:38

Thanks for raising this aoifey. He was flying up and down Willowbrook too with no helmet and a pal on the back recently. Very dangerous. Wasn't quick enough to get out and stop them but will hear him coming next time!

Fr Jack
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Re: Dirt Bike/Scrambler driving through estates

Post by Fr Jack » 18 Aug 2019, 09:26

Ah yeah just another example of Donabate going down the tubes. Won't be long now til we see Piebald horses grazing on the green areas. That scrambler is more than likely stolen and stashed somewhere. The parents probably have no clue their scanger son even has the bike.

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