Working from home - help topic

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Working from home - help topic

Post by Batman3 » 18 Mar 2020, 21:05

Hi folks, just thought that this topic page might help others ask questions and people replie with answers.
The first casualty of working from home was the wifi card on the wife's Microsoft surface device ( yeah I know rubbish device all IT folk advise companies to steer clear from) went kaput. So she had to plug in an Ethernet cable to the wifi router to get internet connectivity and access to work remotely.
Sitting 3 meters from router on the couch all day left her with sore neck and back as the cable was not long enough to reach an appropriately sized table/chair.
B&Q hadn't heard of an Ethernet cable when I rang!!!

So we got a number for a local network cable firm in Donabate who quickly made an Ethernet cable for us to the length we specified. Cheap and easy.
If anyone else is in a similar fix and needs a cable call
Noel Fay on 087 286 5648

I'm sure there may be other Working from home tips that can be added to here...

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Re: Working from home - help topic

Post by Jabba » 19 Mar 2020, 09:40

I got the following from our domain hosting company which might give people one or two tips ... d225871486

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Re: Working from home - help topic

Post by Cathal » 24 Mar 2020, 08:41

Anyone working from home who’s WiFi is extremely slow on their laptop but usually good in general might want to try running this fix.
I support over 1500 windows 10 users and I’ve needed to run this on at least 500 of them due to WiFi speed being unworkable.
This issue usually only happens if you’ve the sonicwall global VPN client installed but I have seen the issue on other machines too
<Admin note - thanks, but link removed due to concerns around users installing and having issues. WiFi issues need to be correctly investigated before a fix is implemented>

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